Office Cleaning 101: How To Clean A Messy Whiteboard?

Office Cleaning 101: How To Clean A Messy Whiteboard?

Whether you’re working at home or your office, you most probably have a whiteboard. Whiteboards are incredibly brilliant at keeping track of key information and jotting down creative ideas as they come to your mind. However, contrary to popular beliefs, they’re not as easy to clean as they look to be. If you don’t clean your whiteboards regularly, then the smudges, stains and grubby surfaces continue to remain, making your whiteboard look extremely messy.

But, with some proper tips & tricks, your whiteboard can easily be restored to its former glory. A clean and shiny whiteboard inspires creativity and that’s what we’re going to achieve here.

For Regular Cleaning

According to professional cleaning services in Adelaide, regular wipe-downs will help in keeping your whiteboard crystal clear for a long period. When you clear a specific area of your board, be sure to perform it thoroughly before you start writing over the space again. Such a practice will prevent the onset of dry erase marks over an extended period. While you might find this difficult to perform in the middle of your work, spending a couple of extra seconds will end up being useful in the long term.

Furthermore, we’d suggest avoiding using your board rubber and instead start using some microfibre cloths instead. Along with the microfibre cloth, you can use some rubbing alcohol as well. The aforementioned combination will provide much better results than trying to clean your whiteboard using a board rubber.

For Long Term Cleaning

When it comes to long-term care, you can proceed to use a multipurpose cleaning spray along with a microfibre cloth. Use the cleaning solution at least once per week, and you’ll be good to go. You’ll not only be able to save your whiteboard from any grubby look but also minimise your cleaning effort.

For The Worst-Case Scenario

In case you’ve accidentally used a permanent marker on your whiteboard, then the cleaning process can turn out to be a little more complicated than regular cleaning. As per popular cleaning services in Adelaide, there are numerous ways you can eliminate permanent marks from your whiteboard.

The first step would be not to use any abrasive item to eliminate the mark. It will simply ruin the surface of your whiteboard. Proceed to use an erase marker if the mark is still fresh and hasn’t dried up. Next, you can use a board rubber. Repeat these two steps constantly, and the permanent marker stain will get eliminated eventually.

If the aforementioned process doesn’t work, then you have to use rubbing alcohol along with a microfibre cloth. You can also use nail polish remover along with baby wipes. Avoid using powerful cleaners because your whiteboard surface may get damaged.

For any additional questions, don’t forget to contact our experts at any time.

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