All You Need To Know About Cleaning Office Chairs

All You Need To Know About Cleaning Office Chairs

According to recent reports, scientists have discovered that human beings spend almost 33 years of their entire lifespan in their beds. But, do you know the number of years an average person spends while sitting on his or her office chair? Well, the answer is roughly about six years or more.

The office chair that we tend to sit on every day helps in supporting our body for all the daily activities that we perform. From reading emails to spending time coding or doing any other office work, you need your trusty old chair to perform as expected. However, it should be known that if you want your office chair to last for a long time, you have to take care of it in the best possible manner. Therefore, in this extensive guide, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most fantastic procedures through which you can keep your office chairs clean & tidy.

The Method To Clean Plastic Chairs

According to professional cleaning services in Adelaide, plastic chairs are some of the easiest things to clean. All you need is a warm damp cloth and some anti-bacterial cleaner to perform the task. Simply spray the cleaner onto the surface and use the cloth to rub off the excess. Ensure that you do not use any heavy-duty chemicals on the surface of your plastic office chair because it will degrade the material composition & structural integrity of the chair.

The Method To Clean Mesh Chairs

Even though mesh chairs are quite fiddly to clean, the process isn’t impossible to complete. The first task that you need to perform is to simply vacuum the chair so that all the dust & debris has been extracted from the chair’s surface area. Once you’re done with the vacuuming job, you’ll need to use a damp cloth along with some warm soapy water, so that you can simply wash away the mesh elements of the chair.

After you’ve completed the cleaning process, you can proceed to leave it out in the open to dry so that all the water or soap droplets get dried up quite easily.

The Method To Clean Fabric Chairs

According to professional services for domestic cleaning in Adelaide, the best possible way through which you can clean fabric chairs is by knowing what material the chair uses so that you can utilise the correct treatment for the same. To do that, you can look at the label provided on your fabric chair and the label will say one of the five things mentioned below:


  • W – Only use water-based cleaning agents
  • S – Only use solvent products.
  • WS/SW – Both solvents, as well as water-based cleaning agents, can be used.
  • X – Only to be cleaned by professionals
  • C – Use of Crypton cleaning


Firstly, dust off your fabric chair using a vacuum cleaner and then apply the cleaning product recommended by the label on your chair. Happy cleaning!

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