Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Tip 1:

Did you know that the bathroom sink is the most contaminated thing inside a bathroom and harbors more germs than your toilet seat.

Tip 2:

Tooth brushes and hand towels should be at least three feet from your toilet as bacteria will come in contact with them when you flush your toilet.

Tip 3:

All bathrooms need to be well ventilated. Open windows or doors while showering and ensure your exhaust fan is operating. The humidity and water retention on surfaces is a haven for mold build up.

Tip 4:

A little tip for the shower is to leave the shower door slightly open when not in use, to reduce the growth of mildew and to help dissipate moisture.

Tip 5:

After cleaning the toilet bowl, put several drops of peppermint essence in the water. It coats the bowl, keeping it cleaner for longer and smelling great.

Tip 6:

Cleaning grout can be a tedious task; one trick we recommend is to spray the grout after a shower using a homemade mixture of bleach: Dilute the bleach with water – 1 part bleach to 3 parts water. Bleach is especially good for removing mold and mildew. It kills the mold and disinfectants at the same time. It also removes stains and discolorations from white grout. Do not use bleach on coloured grout – it can discolour the grout. Be careful when using bleach and any other cleaners, never mix cleaning chemicals especially those containing ammonia.

Tip 7:

Keep a plastic squeegee in the shower and do a quick squeegee of the walls and door to reduce the amount of hard water staining on the tile and grout.

Tip 8:

Get in the habit of wiping down the bath after each use and lime scale won’t have a chance to build up.

Tip 9:

Clean the toilet bowl while you’re away by pouring in 1/4 cup bleach and leaving it until you return.

Tip 10:

Keep the toilet bowl ring-free, by pouring 4 cups of white vinegar in it once a month. Let it soak overnight before flushing.

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